Membership dues are collected annually in the following denominations:

·  Executive $25.00

·  Associate $25.00

·  Corporate $100.00

·  Honorary (no annual dues collected)

The top ten reasons for joining GSAMA are:

10.  Finally, you can talk about your favorite subject without fear of reprisal.  I mean, seriously, haven't you seen how people's eyes glass over every time you talk about airports and aviation?

9.  You'll meet new friends and build new business relationships while enjoying an exchange of ideas and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.

8.  GSAMA meets quarterly, so the time investment is minimal and unlike other organizations, attendance is not mandatory.  Come when you can -- you'll be glad you did!

7.  You'll meet all sorts of cool and interesting people who share you're passion.  OK, well at least interesting.

6.  You'll live like a rock star -- travelling to various airports around the state, and get the "backstage tour."

5.  GSAMA sounds exotic.

4.  Opportunity to meet one-on-one and get the straight scoop from NHDOT and FAA.

3.  Informative and timely presentations on issues affecting all levels of our industry.

2.  There is power in numbers -- you don't have to go it alone.  GSAMA as a group provides a stronger voice and greater presence than one individual airport can.  United we make a difference.

1.  Someday, if you're really, really lucky, or just absent that meeting, you may be elected president.

GSAMA - A vibrant aviation system in New Hampshire with an optimistic future

Help us in our mission of promoting and improving New Hampshire's airports


Please fill out the following basic information to join GSAMA.  A membership confirmation and invoice will be sent to you via USPS shortly.  Thank you for your interest. 

Together, we can help create a vibrant aviation system in New Hampshire with an optimistic future!