GSAMA is a group of aviation professionals committed to increasing awareness of the importance of aviation and supporting economic development for the State of New Hampshire. GSAMA serves New Hampshire’s aviation needs by enhancing access to the National Airspace System, promoting a support network for all airports in the State, and promoting legislation in support of aviation interests.

GSAMA's Mission Statement

GSAMA - A vibrant aviation system in New Hampshire with an optimistic future

(All GSAMA meetings are open to the public)


Membership categories include:

·  Executive Members (representatives of airport management),

·  Corporate Members (representatives of public or private business organizations who support aviation),

·  Associate Members (all others who support aviation), and;

·  Honorary Members (granted to those who have shown extraordinary support of aviation).



The Granite State Airport Management Association (GSAMA) has been in existence since 1988 for the purpose of:

Providing a medium for the exchange of ideas, methods, information, and experiences as they relate to airport management;

Promoting and encouraging the passage of legislation on all levels for the good of New Hampshire airports and aviation;

Promoting and encouraging the public's understanding of the value of aviation and an airport to the community, and;

Cooperating with all agencies and organizations working for the general advancement and benefit of aviation.

Granite State Airport Management Association

A vibrant aviation system in New Hampshire with an optimistic future

Friday, March 20, 2019

10:00 am

At a location to be determined

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