This is the first official video from the Codie Experience.  It is the promotional video.


The Codie Experience is a GSAMA youth outreach effort.  The Codie Experience was created when a NH pilot and videographer decided to document the first flight of a charismatic 14 year-old named Codie during the GSAMA Runway 5K and Aviation Day at Concord Airport in the fall of 2015.  The subsequent video documenting Codie’s pure joy after that flight inspired the Codie Experience.

The idea behind the Codie Experience is to create a teen spokesman for aviation in NH.  As a teen spokesman, Codie will document his aviation adventures and share them as a video series on YouTube and social media.  Codie’s adventures will include tours of aviation facilities and aerospace businesses, interviews of key people involved with aviation, and will, of course, include plenty of flight time and flight experiences.  There are two main objectives to this outreach initiatives: 

#1 – Achieve Codie’s aviation goals and aspirations.  Codie’s dream is to become a naval aviator.  This project is specifically designed to assist him in achieving this goal.

#2 – Inspire other kids Codie’s age to become interested in a future and/or career that involves aviation.  There are a plethora of aviation career options that most kids never know are available to them.  We want to change that by highlighting those possibilities through Codie’s Experiences.

If you would like to be involved with the Codie Experience please contact Heath Marsden, the Codie Experience Liaison, at

(978) 886-0854 or  In kind or monetary donations to the Codie Experience are welcome!